Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brand New Single From Rising Reggae/dancehall Sensation Haskelli-Summer buck Prod. By Fedda Weight Productions

In today's ever-changing world of entertainment, Jamaica has continuously produced entertainers of the highest caliber who have remained true to promoting its culture. Haskelli is no different as he has been described as an exceptional talented and hardworking individual. To say that he is a rising star is an understatement as over the years his dedication to his music along with his focus and passion for the art of making music has been attracted many fans and industry personnel’s.

Ludwig Clarke a.k.a. Haskelli; was born in the rural district of St. Ann's Bay in Jamaica. Even though he grew up in what is called the garden parish, his life was no bed of roses. Haskelli was not shielded from the realities of life; he had first hand experiences of crime and violence especially during his times at Kingston where he regularly stayed with his grandmother. Haskelli was an only child which either meant that he had to grow up pretty fast just being around adults. Fortunately or unfortunately he grew up fast. During his life struggles and hard times Haskelli found solace in music, using his lyrics as a form of expression that others can relate to and it also gave him more of an urge to grow up in order to help with taking care of his family.

At 13 years old he started singing at school both inside and outside of classes and sometimes even on the street corner with friends. 'Free styling' became his favorite past time after school.

In 1999, Haskelli started writing lyrics to songs in his little notebook. He was also getting much more confident in performing to an audience, day by day mastering his craft of being an entertainer of feel good music. Over the years Haskelli has work with many top producer like Timberland and Tony Kelly to name a few and has perform at many different venue from New York to California to Miami and Jamaica

Still dealing with countless and personal struggles Haskelli's hard work is seeing some fruition now with his NEW HIT Singles "Summa Buck” and "Baby” produced by Feddaweight and Benny Production. With his distinct sound Haskelli is set to make a mark in the Music Industry: listen out for much more great music from Haskelli.
Brand New Single From Rising Reggae/dancehall Sensation Haskelli-Summer buck Prod. By Fedda Weight Productions
Song Title:Summer buck
Producer:Fedda Weight Production

Other Single On Rotation By Haskelli
Prod. by Fedda Weight Productions/Benny Prod.

For More Info on Haskelli Contact:
1-876-463-0330(ja) or 305-834-9088(miami)

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